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Below are Silver's optional services and their associated prices. Silver airport locations located in West Palm Beach, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville and Tampa no longer accept cash, traveler’s checks, certified (cashier’s) checks, or money orders as a form of payment. Silver does accept MasterCard and Visa credit/debit cards at all locations.
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Checked Bag Service

All checked bag prices are charged per bag, per person, one-way. Checked bags purchased either online or through the reservations center are non-refundable.

Certain exemptions apply for active US military personnel (see Baggage Policies for details).

Sporting Equipment are treated as any other checked bag with any applicable overweight or oversize services charges. Please be aware that if your surfboard, scuba gear, fishing gear, etc. are outside of the 50 lb weight limit or 62 linear inches limit then you will need to pay any overweight (up to 100 lbs) and/or oversize (up to 115 linear inches / 84 inch max length). Certain oversize items cannot be transported due to limited cargo dimensions on the aircraft.

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Baggage, carry-on items, pets

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Checked Baggage

Bag Service Charges*

Bag type



First checked bag
(up to 50 lbs / 62 linear inches)



Second checked bag
(up to 50 lbs / 62 linear inches)



Third + checked bag **
(up to 50 lbs / 62 linear inches)


Overweight bag
(51 - 70 lbs / 62 linear inches) – additional service charge

Checked Bag Service Charge

Overweight bag
(71 - 100 lbs / 62 linear inches) – additional service charge

Checked Bag Service Charge

Oversized bag
(63-115 linear inches) – additional service charge

Checked Bag Service Charge

Sporting equipment ***

Checked Bag + Oversize +
Overweight Service Charges apply

No Booking Service Charge is charged for calls made to the Reservation Center in order to add ancillary products such as Checked Baggage.

**  Service Charges for up to 2 checked bags can be paid online - service charges for more than 2 bags and for sporting equipment must be paid at the airport. 3rd bag or more can only be purchased at the airport at the day of departure rate of $100 and is not guaranteed to be accepted due to aircraft weight restrictions.

*** Sporting Equipment will be treated as any other checked bag - an airport checked bag service charge is applied along with any applicable overweight or oversize service charges. Maximum length for any item is 84 inches.

Booking-Related Services

All booking-related service charges are charged per person.



Call Center & At the Airport

Other Travel Sites

Initial Reservation Booking




Seat-Related Services

All seat-related service charges are charged per person and are non-refundable.

Seat Type

Purchased with
Escape or
Refundable Fares

Purchased with
Freedom Fares

Flights of up to 90 minutes



Flights longer than 90 minutes



Check-in Related Services

To best serve you and avoid any lines, be sure to use online check-in for FREE. Online & Mobile Check-in are available up to 2 hours prior to your scheduled flight at silverairways.com. Check-in online through silverairways.com or use our mobile check-in. Checking in at the airport incurs a service charge unless you booked a Freedom Fare, which includes free airport check-in. In addition, the airport check-in service charge is waived if you require additional services such as: purchasing a checked bag, checking in a previously paid checked bag, requesting wheelchairs, presenting unaccompanied minors or purchasing a ticket. Airport check-in service charges are per person.




Check-in for Escape, Freedom or Refundable Fares



Miscellaneous Services


Website / Call Center / Airport

Same day confirmed - same class (one-way, Silver-segment)  must be confirmed in same fare class and include the same origin and destination.


Same day confirmed - any class (one-way, Silver-segment) fare class may be changed but must include the same origin and destination. Available when same fare class is sold out on new flight.


Pet in Cabin (per carrier, one-way) *


Unaccompanied Minor age 5 thru 13 (per person one-way) **


*Please see Pets in Cabin policy for more details.

**Please see Contract of Carriage for full details regarding Unaccompanied Minors.